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  • Logistics Performance Index (LPI)

    Logistics Performance Index (LPI) - Logistics comprises a network of services that supports the physical movement of goods within and across borders. It is a $4.3 trillion industry. The 2018 Logistics Performance Index (LPI) scores countries on how efficiently they move goods across and within borders. The LPI is an interactive benchmarking tool created to help countries identify the challenges and opportunities they face in their performance on trade logistics and what they can do to improve their performance. The LPI 2018 allows for comparisons across 160 countries.


    Last Updated:10/29/2019
  • Health Equity and Financial Protection Indicators (HEFPI)

    Health Equity and Financial Protection Indicators (HEFPI) - The HEFPI database draws on data from over 1,600 household surveys, including the Demographic and Health Survey and the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey. Most of the 1,600 surveys have been re-analyzed in-house to ensure comparability across surveys and years, since published indicators from different surveys often use different definitions. We have settled on a definition based on recommendations in the relevant literature, and have used that across all surveys and time periods. As a result, the numbers in HEFPI are often different from (and more comparable than) numbers published elsewhere. HEFPI provides data on equity in the delivery of health service interventions and health outcomes, and on financial protection in health.


    Last Updated:11/06/2019
  • Global Financial Inclusion and Consumer Protection Survey

    Global Financial Inclusion and Consumer Protection Survey


    Last Updated:06/27/2019
  • Economic Fitness 2

    Economic Fitness (EF) 2 is the second version of Economic Fitness, including the Universal Economic Fitness (UEF) which is both a measure of a country’s diversification and ability to produce complex goods on a globally competitive basis.


    Last Updated:04/26/2019
  • Environment Social and Governance (ESG) Data

    Aggregate groups may reflect economies beyond those included in this database. For details on the member composition, see World Bank Country and Lending Groups at The ESG dataset provides a collection of indicators for sustainable investment analysis, based on a draft framework of 17 key sustainability criteria. The indicators are drawn from multiple World Bank databases and external data providers.


    Last Updated:04/27/2021
  • MIX Market

    MIX Market Data


    Last Updated:05/11/2021
  • ICP 2017

    Results from the International Comparison Program (ICP) 2017 cycle include data for the new reference year 2017, revised data for the previous reference year 2011, and annual purchasing power parities (PPPs) for 2012 to 2016. 2017 results are available for 176 participating economies and their aggregate regions. They cover 44 expenditure headings and provide several indicators for each heading, including PPPs, national accounts expenditures in PPP and nominal terms, and price level indices. Imputed results are available for an additional 12 economies that did not participate in the ICP 2017 cycle. Revised 2011 results are available for 179 participating economies and cover 44 expenditure headings and several indicators, including PPPs, national accounts expenditures in PPP and nominal terms, and price level indices. Additionally, partial results are available for 20 Pacific islands, while imputed results are available for 15 economies that did not participate in the ICP 2011 cycle. Annual PPPs are available for 2011 to 2017 and cover 6 major expenditure headings.


    Last Updated:10/21/2020
  • Gender Disaggregated Labor Database (GDLD)

    Gender Disaggregated Labor Database (GDLD)


    Last Updated:07/25/2020
  • International Debt Statistics: DSSI

    IDS-DSSI is a supplemental database to the International Debt Statistics database and provides further disaggregation of external debt data including projected debt service payments for 2020 to 2022 presented on an annual and monthly basis where undrawn amounts are not projected.


    Last Updated:01/21/2021
  • Global Public Procurement

    Contains data about global procurement


    Last Updated:03/24/2021