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Metadata Glossary

Indicator NameOut-of-pocket health expenditure (% of private expenditure on health)
Long definitionOut of pocket expenditure is any direct outlay by households, including gratuities and in-kind payments, to health practitioners and suppliers of pharmaceuticals, therapeutic appliances, and other goods and services whose primary intent is to contribute to the restoration or enhancement of the health status of individuals or population groups. It is a part of private health expenditure.
SourceWorld Health Organization Global Health Expenditure database (see for the most recent updates).
TopicHealth: Health systems
Aggregation methodWeighted average
Notes from original sourceAll the health expenditure indicators refer to expenditures by financing agent except external resources which is a financing source. When the number is smaller than 0.05%, the percentage may appear as zero. In countries where the fiscal year begins in July, expenditure data have been allocated to the later calendar year (for example, 2010 data will cover the fiscal year 2009–10), unless otherwise stated for the country.
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License TypeCC BY-4.0