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Metadata Glossary

Indicator NameBorrowers from commercial banks (per 1,000 adults)
Long definitionBorrowers from commercial banks are the reported number of resident customers that are nonfinancial corporations (public and private) and households who obtained loans from commercial banks and other banks functioning as commercial banks. For many countries data cover the total number of loan accounts due to lack of information on loan account holders.
SourceInternational Monetary Fund, Financial Access Survey.
TopicFinancial Sector: Access
Aggregation methodMedian
Limitations and exceptionsFor several countries, data cover all borrowers including commercial banks, credit unions and financial cooperatives, deposit taking microfinance institutions, and other deposit takers. These include all resident financial corporations and quasi-corporations (except the central bank) that are mainly engaged in financial intermediation and that issue liabilities included in the national definition of broad money. These institutions have varying names in different countries, such as savings and loan associations, building societies, rural banks and agricultural banks, post office giro institutions, post office savings banks, savings banks, and money market funds.
General commentsCountry-specific metadata can be found on the IMF’s FAS website at
License TypeCC BY-4.0