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Metadata Glossary

Indicator NameAlignment of aid to education (% of total international aid to education)
Long definitionEstimated international education aid reported on the government’s budget and expressed as a percentage of the disbursed education aid for the government sector. Government sector aid includes aid disbursed in the context of an agreement with administrations (ministries, departments, agencies or municipalities) authorized to receive revenue or undertake expenditures on behalf of central government. This is part of the 2011 Monitoring Exercise on Development Effectiveness in the Education Sector, an unprecedented picture of aid effectiveness in the education sector that can be used as the basis for in-country dialogue and debate going forward. This information looks at how education aid is delivered and managed by development partners and governments.
TopicAid Effectiveness in the Education Sector
Unit of measure%
Limitations and exceptionsThis indicator shows the relationship between the country partner budget and the donor partners’ aid contribution. It measures how much of the education aid was disbursed to the government sector in accordance with the estimates in the government budget. The definition of ‘aid on budget’ is contentious, as it can be understood in significantly different ways. The accuracy of this indicator depends on the availability of the government budget estimates of aid flows for each development partner, the availability of the data from development partners about the disbursements to the government sector and a match between recipient government fiscal year and the development partner's fiscal year. This data aims at stimulating, reviving and strengthening dialogue on aid effectiveness among the Local Education Group (LEG) partners. It does not attempt to provide a full and exhaustive picture of the aid effectiveness situation in the education sector in a country. It does not intend to issue a summative judgment on aid effectiveness in a country, or to rank the effectiveness of a country’s education aid in comparison with other countries’ for any high-stakes purpose other than mutual learning from challenges and good practices. It is based on data submitted by the LEG, which was also subsequently reviewed and validated by the LEG.