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Metadata Glossary

Indicator NameInternational aid disbursed to basic education, AFD to Mauritania (USD million)
Long definitionInternational concessional aid disbursed by the reporting development partner to the basic education sector in the specific developing country. Targets indicate scheduled or projected aid. Accounted aid includes activities, projects, technical cooperation and sector and budget support (20%), as it was reported by the donor to the Global Partnership for Education.
TopicInternational Aid to Education
Unit of measureUSD million
Limitations and exceptionsThe following issues might lead to divergences between the total reported and real disbursed/scheduled aid: the fact that most of donors reported aid in calendar years, but others in fiscal years; when figures were reported in USD it was not specified the exchange rates used and if figures referred to current USD; general budget support (GBS) was not always reported, nor the 20% estimation of GBS going to the education sector; aid to basic education was not always possible to distinguish from the total education aid; not all donors participated in this exercise (although in most of the cases the majority of them participated and in some countries the totality of them reported their aid).