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Metadata Glossary

Indicator NameAdjusted savings: gross savings (% of GNI)
Long definitionGross savings are the difference between gross national income and public and private consumption, plus net current transfers.
SourceWorld Bank national accounts data files.
TopicEconomic Policy & Debt: National accounts: Adjusted savings & income
Aggregation methodWeighted average
Statistical concept and methodologyGross savings are calculated as a residual from the national accounts by taking the difference between income earned by residents (including income received from abroad and workers' remittances) and their consumption expenditures.
Development relevanceGross savings is used as a starting point for calculating adjusted net savings. Adjusted net saving is an indicator of the sustainability of an economy.
Limitations and exceptionsBecause gross savings is calculated as a residual it includes errors, which may not be offsetting, in its components.
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License TypeCC BY-4.0