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Metadata Glossary

Indicator NameAdjusted savings: carbon dioxide damage (% of GNI)
Long definitionCost of damage due to carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel use and the manufacture of cement, estimated to be US$40 per ton of CO2 (the unit damage in 2017 US dollars for CO2 emitted in 2020) times the number of tons of CO2 emitted.
SourceWorld Bank staff estimates based on sources and methods described in the World Bank's The Changing Wealth of Nations.
TopicEconomic Policy & Debt: National accounts: Adjusted savings & income
Aggregation methodWeighted average
Statistical concept and methodologyPollution damage from emissions of carbon dioxide is calculated as the marginal social cost per unit multiplied by the increase in the stock of carbon dioxide. The unit damage figure represents the present value of global damage to economic assets and to human welfare over the time the unit of pollution remains in the atmosphere.
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License TypeCC BY-4.0