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  • International Comparison Program (ICP) 2005

    A collection of comparative price data and detailed expenditure values of countries’ gross domestic products (GDP), and purchasing power parities (PPPs) estimates of the world’s economies.

     ,GDP, PPP,

    Last Updated:09/10/2021
  • International Comparison Program (ICP) 2011

    A set of comparable international price and volume measures of gross domestic products (GDP) and expenditure aggregates for 199 countries that participated in the 2011 round of International Comparison Program (ICP) and estimates for 15 non-participating countries. The data covers 26 expenditures categories for goods and services, and several indicators including purchasing power parities (PPPs), expenditure shares of GDP, total and per capita expenditures in US dollar both in exchange rate terms and PPP terms, and price level Indices. For further information see

     ,GDP, PPP,

    Last Updated:08/24/2020