Most recent data
Population, total (millions)7,338.96
Land area (sq. km) (thousands)129,880.7
GDP (current US$) (billions)75,217.72
GNI per capita, Atlas method (current US$)10,671
Adjusted net national income per capita (current US$)8,432
Urban population (% of total population)53.9
Agricultural land (% of land area)37
Agricultural irrigated land (% of total agricultural land)..
Cereal yield (kg per hectare)3,920
Forest area (% of land area)30.7
Terrestrial protected areas (% of total land area)..
Mammal species, threatened..
Bird species, threatened..
Fish species, threatened..
Plant species (higher), threatened..
Total fisheries production (metric tons) (thousands)199,741.1
Capture fisheries production (metric tons) (thousands)93,736.9
Aquaculture production (metric tons) (thousands)106,004.2
Marine protected areas (% of territorial waters)..
Energy use (kg of oil equivalent per capita)1,922
Combustible renewables and waste (% of total energy)3.9
Electric power consumption (kWh per capita)3,132
Electricity production from oil, gas and coal sources (% of total)65.2
Electricity production from hydroelectric sources (% of total)15.9
CO2 emissions (metric tons per capita)4.6
Renewable internal freshwater resources per capita (cubic meters)6,072
Annual freshwater withdrawals, total (% of internal resources)..
Annual freshwater withdrawals, agriculture (% of total freshwater withdrawal)..
PM2.5 air pollution, mean annual exposure (micrograms per cubic meter)47
PM2.5 air pollution, population exposed to levels exceeding WHO guideline value (% of total)93
Mortality rate, under-5 (per 1,000 live births)43
Adjusted savings: gross savings (% of GNI)26.3
Adjusted savings: consumption of fixed capital (% of GNI)17.0
Adjusted savings: education expenditure (% of GNI)4.0
Adjusted savings: energy depletion (% of GNI)0.6
Adjusted savings: mineral depletion (% of GNI)0.2
Adjusted savings: net forest depletion (% of GNI)0.1
Adjusted savings: carbon dioxide damage (% of GNI)1.4
Adjusted savings: particulate emission damage (% of GNI)0.2
Adjusted net savings, including particulate emission damage (% of GNI)10.8
Created from: World Bank, World Development Indicators