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Africa Development Entrepreneurship

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Agricultural store within 10km from household44.9
Annual agricultural income (Current LCU)235,721.0
Annual agricultural income (Current US$)80.4
Annual household business income (Current LCU)627,380.5
Annual household business income (Current US$)213.9
Annual investment income (Current LCU)69,056.1
Annual investment income (Current US$)23.5
Annual other income (Current LCU)270,511.2
Annual other income (Current US$)92.2
Annual remittance income (Current LCU)78,679.4
Annual remittance income (Current US$)26.8
Annual salary income (Current LCU)1,121,989.8
Annual salary income (Current US$)382.5
Annual sales income (Current LCU)45,243.1
Annual sales income (Current US$)15.4
Annual social security income (Current LCU)149,814.3
Annual social security income (Current US$)51.1
Bakery within 10km from household47.2
Banks within 10km from household44.2
Barber shops within 10km from household60.9
Bike repair within 1km from household62.5
Bricklayers within 10km from household49.4
Café Bar within 1km from household90.9
Carpenters within 10km from household77.5
Clothing expenditure (Current LCU)1,100,945.6
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